How to Pick a Perfect Wedding DJ (And Why It Matters)

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Raise your hand if you’ve been to a Baltimore wedding where the DJ is killing it. 

Like, playing everything the crowd loves. Nobody’s in their seats. Not even grandma. They’re all out on the dance floor. They’re doing their thing. Having an awesome time. 

Those are some pretty memorable weddings!

Okay, now. 

Raise your hand if you’ve been to a wedding where the music is loud and clear. But no one, not a single soul, is actually on the dance floor. 

That’s a memorable wedding for a completely different reason, right? 

Now, we know. There’s a lot to deal with when you’re planning your wedding. 

It’s stressful. Depending on how you do it, it’s sometimes meeting after meeting. And pretty soon, it ends up feeling like a full time second job. 

When you’re juggling that many parts, a few things are going to fall to the wayside. By that point, you might be so over wedding planning you don’t care who fills those positions. 

One of those positions might be your wedding DJ.

Wedding DJs are kind of like … “the underdog” when it comes to planning your wedding. Almost, and we hate to say it, like an afterthought. 

Which is why we want to tell you why you shouldn’t think of them that way. 

And we’re talking about how to pick the right Baltimore wedding DJ for your own ceremony and reception.

Why Does Picking the Right Baltimore Wedding DJ Matter?

Think of your wedding day. Exactly how you’ve always dreamed it. 

Maybe it’s outside. The sun is shining. The flowers are perfect. People are coming in little by little. You’re in your hiding spot waiting for the ceremony to start.

And what do you hear? The birds are chirping. You hear the sound of your guests talking with each other. Asking how they know you as a couple. 

Behind that? Yeah, that’s gotta be the sound of music – and not Julie Andrews, either. 

Nope, it’s your wedding DJ. And they’re already hard at work to set the tone of your entire wedding day. Even before you walk down the aisle. All because you decided to choose your wedding DJ early on in your wedding planning process! 

Yep, you should absolutely put the time and effort into choosing your wedding DJ carefully for these three reasons:

Wedding DJs Set the Tone For Your Wedding With the Music They Play

As your guests start arriving, your wedding DJ will already be there making sure that the mood of your wedding is already set. 

Think of it this way. Do you want a classical, romantic experience for your wedding? They’ll be there playing a beautiful playlist of your favorite classic wedding songs during the pre-ceremony. 

Do you want a modern, but subdued vibe for your ceremony? If that’s the case, they can be there playing instrumental covers of some of today’s top hits. 

Whatever mood and vision you have for your entire wedding day, your DJ will be the first step in making that happen. 

So, if you know that you want a more old school flare for your ceremony and reception, make sure you pick a wedding DJ who can meet that vision.

Wedding DJs Carry the Wedding From One Cue to the Next – Whether You Hire a Wedding Coordinator or Not

Sure, you can hire a wedding coordinator for your big day. And they’ll tell you exactly when to start walking down the aisle. 

But, unless you want your wedding coordinator clapping their hands and saying, “Okay, everyone! It’s time to do the father and daughter dance!” during your reception, you’re going to want to hire a wedding DJ. 

An awesome DJ that you’ve carefully chosen will seamlessly take your reception from the bridal party entrance straight into the father/daughter dance without any awkward announcements. Same goes for all of the milestones throughout your ceremony and reception.

Wedding DJs Promote Your Wedding Experience For Your Guests

If you want to make sure your wedding is an unforgettable experience for your guests, then picking the right DJ is an incredibly important part to making sure that happens.  

An experienced DJ will be able to read the crowd. They’ll know what your guests are feeling and what they aren’t. And they’ll be able to do it while staying true to your wedding vision. 

Put it this way. When your wedding is all said and done. Do you want people to remember how much of an amazing time they had dancing the night away? 

Or do you want them to cringe because nobody filled the dance floor the entire night? 

If you take the time to pick the right Baltimore wedding DJ, you can rest easy knowing they’ll provide an entire experience that your guests won’t forget. 

How to Pick a Perfect DJ For Your Wedding

Alright, so you get the point behind why it matters when it comes to picking a DJ for your wedding. 

So, here’s how to pick the right one for your Baltimore wedding in 5 easy steps:

Set Your Budget

Just like with every other part of wedding planning, you need to make sure you have a budget for your wedding DJ. 

Set your budget early on. As you come across DJ options, double check that they fit in that budget range. 

If you really want to make sure the sound of your wedding is unforgettable,, make sure to leave enough wiggle room for a top notch DJ. 

Start the Search For Your Wedding DJ Early On

A DJ isn’t the first thing you need to decide on. But it shouldn’t be the last, either. 

In-demand DJs book up quickly. And they’re in-demand for a reason. It’s because they’re awesome at what they do. These are the ones who are experienced with weddings. They know how to read the crowd and play music that fits your vision and gets your crowd pumped. 

So start your search early enough that you’re not scrounging for any duds to take on your wedding date.

Think About Your Wedding Planning Style

Depending on the DJ you go with, they’ll ask you one of two things. 

If you went with a DJ who just wants to show up and do their thing and then leave, they’ll ask you to provide every. Single. Song. for your entire wedding. 

Not just the milestone parts either! No, they’ll ask you exactly what to play and when to play it for the entire 30 minutes of your pre-ceremony, through to the end of the 4+ hours at your reception. 

That’s a lot of homework for you! Especially when your plate is already full from planning the rest of the wedding. 


An excellent DJ who is passionate about what they do, who is excited to play your wedding, and who cares to make sure you have the best experience possible will send you a questionnaire. And in that, they’ll ask you for your milestone songs, the vibe you really want to hear, and the songs they should NOT play. 

And after that? Well, as long as you’re honest about the vibe you want, that awesome DJ will be able to curate an entire playlist specifically for you. No extra homework needed. 

When you pick a wedding DJ earlier on in your planning process, you’ll have more opportunities to find the ones who are complete professionals. You’ll know you can trust them to do their job and do it extremely well, without you having to hold their hand the entire way through.

Meet With a Short List of DJs

When you’ve found a few wedding DJs who are in your budget and meet what you’re looking for, ask to meet with them. 

And when you do, make sure you’re paying attention to their personality. Are they someone you mesh well with? Do they bring plenty of personality to your meeting? Can you imagine them MCing your reception? 

If not, go ahead and nix ‘em. 

Don’t forget to ask plenty of questions when you meet them, too. It’ll help you gauge their experience level with weddings. A more experienced wedding DJ means you’ll more than likely have an outstanding experience for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Keep Your Wedding Vision at the Front of Your Mind

If you’re into some old school classic rock, you might not want to go for a DJ who focuses solely on today’s top hits. 

Find someone who specializes in certain genres. Or at least find someone who is comfortable enough with all kinds of genres that they’ll be able to create a great sound at your reception. 

Usually, DJs aren’t at the forefront of wedding planning. But considering they play such a vital role in your wedding day, you shouldn’t leave choosing your DJ to the last minute. 

Baltimore wedding DJs book up quickly, especially the ones who have plenty of experience. The ones who can make sure your ceremony and reception go off without a hitch. The ones who know how to read a crowd and make sure the dance floor is filled all night. 

If you’re ready to start the search for a top notch DJ for your Baltimore wedding, look no further.

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