Silent Disco: What Is It and 5 Reasons Why You Should Host This Unique Event

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Okay, picture this. 

Your best friend begged you to come to this birthday party. It’s for someone you work with. 

So, you walk into a venue. And everywhere you look, people are gathered together. They have wireless headphones on. 

And they’re all dancing. Some are fast paced and really grooving. Others are slowly swaying. 

You hear some of them singing out loud, but they’re not all singing the same song. 

Other than that? You don’t hear anything. There’s no music playing out loud. 

Until your best friend hands you a pair of your own headphones. You put them on. And then the venue looks completely different as your favorite song fills your ears.

You can’t help it! The music carries you. And you start dancing along with the rest of the crowd. 

You, my friend, have just walked into a silent disco! 

And we’re not kidding when we say these unique experiences are gaining major popularity all around the world. 

From silent discos at aquariums, to silent discos in night clubs, and even silent concerts, these events are all the rage!

What Is a Silent Disco?

We’ve painted the picture for you. But what actually is a silent disco? Maybe you’ve heard these other terms before: a silent rave, silent headphone party, a quiet party, or even a headphone disco. 

Whatever you know it as, the concept stays the same. 

It’s just like going to a small concert or show. Instead of music coming through communal speakers, though, the music comes through headphones.

How Does It Work?

Rather than using a sound system, the live DJ plays music that is broadcast to wireless headphones through a radio transmitter. 

Everyone who wants to participate in a silent disco simply puts on a pair of headphones. And once they do, they’re met with music playing. 

What is the Point of a Silent Disco Event?

If you walk into a room and see nothing but people dancing without any music, it’s probably going to seem weird at first. 

People will be dancing to different tempos and singing to different songs. 

It might look or even feel chaotic. 

But that’s what makes everything about silent discos so fun! 

With a silent disco event, you can allow yourself to experience a unique event that’s steadily picking up steam as the latest and greatest craze! 

Allow the music to sweep you up. Give yourself the freedom to dance, just like everyone else is!

If you do, we’re positive silent disco events will be your new favorite way to experience an unforgettable night.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Silent Disco in Baltimore

There are plenty of reasons why a silent disco in Baltimore is an excellent idea. But here’s our top six for you!

One: No Shouting Over Music

How many times have you gone to a concert or a nightclub with a friend, and you had to practically scream in their ear for them to hear you? 

And worse, the next day you’re left with a scratchy, sore throat and voice that barely works. 

With a silent disco event, you don’t have to worry about any of that. If you want to talk to someone, just take off your headphones for a minute.

No yelling or next-day-sore-throats required!

Two: Create a Party or Host an Event Anywhere

The awesome thing about silent discos is that you can create a party or host an event pretty much anywhere. 

Whether you want to host it in a nightclub or an event venue, or if you want to host a silent disco on a rooftop bar, the options are limitless. 

Since the music isn’t played out loud, you have more freedom to plan your location for your silent disco in Baltimore.

Three: Don’t Worry About Noise Restrictions or Volume Curfews

If volume curfews or noise restrictions are a concern for your upcoming event, you definitely need to consider a silent disco in Baltimore. 

Keep the noise to a minimum with silent disco. And enjoy a weight off your shoulders since you won’t have to worry about your neighbors reporting a noise complaint.

Four: An Excellent Choice for Sensory Processing Differences

With individual headphones instead of a full sound system, the sound in a silent disco won’t be so overbearing and overwhelming.

No blaring speakers that rattle when the bass is too heavy. No screaming fans that amp the volume up even more.

At a silent disco, the sound is individualized for each person. And that makes it much more enjoyable for anyone who lives with sensory processing differences.

Five: It’s a Fun, Unique Experience!

We tend to ask ourselves, “when are we going to get the chance to do this again?” 

So, if for nothing else. Ask yourself that question. 

When are you going to get to do this again? 

A silent disco in Baltimore is such a unique way to experience music. And that makes it totally worth it!

Baltimore Silent Disco Events You Can Host

Excited to host your own silent disco event in Baltimore or DC? Not totally sure what kind of event you might actually throw? 

Here’s a quick list of the kinds of silent disco events you can have!

  • Silent disco weddings
  • Silent disco mitzvahs
  • Birthday party silent disco
  • Graduation party silent disco
  • Just-because-you-want-to-party silent disco
  • Silent disco virtual events
  • Children’s party silent disco
  • Silent disco charity fundraising events
  • End of school year silent disco event

There’s no limit to the kind of silent disco event you can host in Baltimore!

And we’re thrilled to announce that Baltimore Sound Entertainment is now serving silent disco experiences for events in the Baltimore and DC areas!

If you’re ready to host an exciting, unique event that is sure to keep people talking about how incredible it was, get in touch with us. 

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