The Easy 5-Step Process to Book Baltimore’s Premiere Wedding & Event DJ Experience

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After months of planning, how are you envisioning your Baltimore wedding reception or your event? 

We’re going to take a chance and say you’re not hoping for all your guests to sit at the tables, watching their phones. 

You’re probably not wanting to have to coax your guests into getting on the dance floor. 

We’re willing to bet you want to see everyone up on their feet because the mood and the music is so lively and energetic they can’t help themselves. 

And if you have guests who don’t want to dance, you want to have other options to keep them entertained and excited to be celebrating with you. 

So, if you’re planning entertainment for your DC or Baltimore wedding or event, we can help you!

Who Is Baltimore Sound Entertainment?

Baltimore Sound Entertainment is a state of the art, professional DJ and entertainment experience in the Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC areas. 

We’re a team of DJs founded by Eric Stevens and Jeff Lang. While BSE has been in business for 10 years now, we started our entire music journey as a couple of kids playing in sold out, local shows. As we got older, we branched out and found ourselves playing at a variety of shows and venues. 

We don’t remember a time when we weren’t surrounded ourselves with music. 

And we know we need to save the fine people of Baltimore and DC by breathing life into events. Which is why we create unforgettable DJ and entertainment experiences that are custom curated to each individual client.

DC and Baltimore Wedding DJ Experience

Our signature service – our wedding DJ experience! We’ve worked with brides and grooms across all of Baltimore, DC, and the surrounding areas.

DC and Baltimore Event DJ Experience

All of the DJs at Baltimore Sound have played multiple venues and event types. From corporate events to nightclubs. From mitzvahs to retirement parties. We’ve done them all, and we can do it for you, too.

Event and Wedding Entertainment in Baltimore and DC

Not everyone loves to dance. But you still want to take care of your guests by giving them something that will make their night just as memorable. We have plenty of entertainment ideas for you to choose from!

Photo Booths

We have multiple photo booth options to fit any and all budgets. This is an awesome way to give your guests something to help make their night even more unforgettable.

What is the Experience Like With Baltimore Sound Entertainment as My Baltimore Wedding or Event DJ?

We understand it can be difficult to trust someone to handle your wedding or event and make sure everyone is having the time of their lives. 

After all, you’ve spent months planning everything. You want to make sure your friends and family are enjoying themselves! 

That’s why we recommend choosing a premiere Baltimore DJ experience for your wedding or event. 

One who has the expertise, the skill, and the knowledge to take into account your guests and what they’re dancing to. 

One who knows how to talk to you about your vision, and play music that flows seamlessly into it. 

All without the stress of extra planning on your part. 

We’re not going to ask you for an entire list of songs to play throughout your reception. In fact, if you tell us the songs that are absolute must-plays for you, we can fill in the rest. 

So, if that sounds like what you’re looking for, here’s what our 5 step process looks like:

One: Get in Touch With Us!

First things first, let us know you have your wedding or event coming up! If you’re looking for professional, skilled DJs to create an experience for you and your guests, get in touch with us so we can help make it happen.

Two: Let’s Schedule Your Consultation Call

We’ll jump on a consultation call with you to talk about your wedding or event and to make sure your date is available in our calendars. We’ll talk more about what we do to make sure it matches your needs, as well.

Three: We’ll Make it All Official

Ready to book your wedding or event on our calendars? Awesome! We’ll make it official in this step with a contract. We’ll also assign a DJ to your wedding day or to your event, and they will work with you throughout the planning process. You will know exactly who will be DJing your wedding or event from this step onward.

Four: Let’s Get on the Same Page For Your Wedding Vision

We try our absolute best to keep our process stress free and the homework to a minimum. As long as we talk with you at least two weeks before your date, we’ll be able to create the exceptional day you’re envisioning. We’ll chat with you about your timeline, your mood, and any instructions you may have. We’ll come up with your custom soundtrack based on the mood you’ve described for your event.

Five: Your Wedding or Event Day!

We’ll show up early and prepared to help create the perfect wedding experience for you. We’ll DJ and MC your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception if you’ve booked a Baltimore wedding DJ experience.

If you’ve booked a Baltimore or DC event DJ experience, we’ll play the custom soundtrack based on your event vision. 

And we’ll knock it out of the park so you and all of your guests can have the time of your lives! 

No matter what kind of entertainment you’re looking for for your wedding or event, we can help you. From DJ experiences to photo booths to silent discos and virtual reality, we’re ready to serve you!

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Baltimore Sound is a full service entertainment company serving Baltimore and DC. We are your ultimate choice for top-notch DJ services, photo booth rental, and audiovisuals.

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