The Top 6 Reasons to Rent a Wedding Photo Booth

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You’ve been planning your wedding for months, and you’ve got just about everything squared away.

Your colors. Your dress. The food you’re going to serve. Even the music you want for your ceremony and reception! 

But maybe you’re trying to come up with more fun things to have at your wedding reception. 

We’ve got something for you, then. 

Have you thought about a photo booth rental for your Baltimore wedding?

Why Rent a Photo Booth For Your Wedding?

Looking for something else to add another layer of fun and celebration to your wedding reception? 

We have the perfect wedding reception idea for you, then. 

Here are our top 5 reasons to go for a wedding photo booth rental for your Baltimore wedding!

It’s a Fun Thing to Have at Your Wedding Reception!

The whole point of a wedding reception is to have fun and celebrate you and your brand new marriage! 

So, naturally, you’re gonna want to have plenty of fun wedding reception entertainment ideas. 

Yes, your wedding DJ will help you get people out of their seats to dance the night away. 

But you can also add another element to your celebration! 

We can pretty much guarantee that at least one guest is going to be using your wedding photo booth at all times throughout the night. 

It’s another way to cut up and let loose to really celebrate your love for one another!

Candid Photos That Capture the Genuine Experience of Your Wedding Reception

Your photographer will take plenty of photos throughout your day. 

But a lot of photographers work to pose people so they look their best in pictures. 

There’s definitely nothing wrong with that! Your wedding photographer will know how to catch everyone’s best angles, and you’ll end your wedding day with beautiful photos. 

By renting a photo booth for your wedding, though, you’re also adding a whole different side of your wedding. 

Your guests will love taking fun, goofy, wild photos of themselves while celebrating your wedding. 

And you’ll have those candid moments of genuine emotion to look back on so you can see just how much of a fantastic time everyone had!

Use the Photo Strips as Wedding Favors

Most couples nowadays have wedding favors for their guests to take home. 

And between all of the different favors you’ve seen at other weddings, plus the ideas you might’ve found on Pinterest, it can be difficult to decide on what to have at your own wedding. 

You want something that’s representative of your celebration, and that people will enjoy to make it all worthwhile.

With a photo booth rental, you can use the printed picture strips as wedding favors instead. Your guests will love that it’s actually tied directly to memories of themselves! It’ll be something unique and specific to each individual guest, while still reminding them of how much fun they had celebrating you. 

Plus, you can forego the extra cost of wedding favors!

Your Wedding Photographer Won’t Be Able to Get Photos of Everyone

Depending on your wedding photography package, your photographer might not be there for the entire reception.

And even if they are, there will be so many guests and so many different things happening at one time. Your wedding photographer won’t be able to snag photos of all of it. 

By renting a photo booth for your Baltimore wedding, you’ll cut down on the pressure for your photographer (who will probably thank you for it!), and you’ll end up with awesome photos of your guests partying the night away at your wedding reception.

It’s Something For Your Guests To Do During Down Time

If you rent a photo booth for your wedding, you can choose to have it set up and ready to go starting with the cocktail hour. 

So while you’re busy getting more gorgeous photos with your photographer, you won’t have to worry about keeping your guests entertained. 

They’ll be so busy snapping fun pictures of themselves with the wedding photo booth, they might even miss the call to dinner. (Just kidding – we’ve yet to see any guest actually do that.)

Pictures Can Serve as a Memory Book of Your Celebration

Plenty of services, like our photo booth rental in Baltimore, offer add-on packages like memory books. 

All of the pictures your guests take throughout your wedding reception can be put together as a wedding album. So you can look back on how much of a fantastic time you had celebrating your marriage!

How to Set Up a Photo Booth Rental At Your Wedding Reception

It’s one thing to decide you want to rent a photo booth at your wedding reception. 

It’s another to figure out how to set it up in the best possible way for your guests! 

But relax – we won’t leave you hanging on that front.

Decide What Kind of Wedding Photo Booth You Want to Have

When it comes to setting up your wedding photo booth, you’ll need to know what kind you are renting first. 

There are a few different kinds, and some will need a different set up than others. 

If you’re planning to have a stationary photo booth, you’ll need to make sure your reception hall has enough room for it. This is especially important if you decide you want some add-ons (but more on that in a minute). 

If you’re not set on having a stationary photo booth or if you’re worried your reception venue is a little cramped, don’t worry! There’s other options out there, like our portable booth. 

Plus these portable booths have a social sharing option. Your guests can upload their photo booth pictures straight to Facebook and Instagram.

Decide If You Want an Enclosed Photo Booth or Not

If you’re going for a stationary photo booth, consider whether you want to have it enclosed or not. 

Plenty of photo booth rentals have add-on options for enclosing the booth, including us! Everything that happens in the booth stays inside the booth. 

Until it’s printed out, of course. 

You don’t have to have an enclosure, either! You might decide you’d rather have a background instead. A lot of photo booth rentals in Baltimore offer backdrops to give your photo booth a little more style. 

If you’re a little cramped for space, you can forego an enclosure altogether. The photo booth itself doesn’t take up much space, and you can just choose a blank wall as your backdrop for your guests.

Pick the Right Location For Your Wedding Photo Booth

Next up, you need to decide where you want your wedding photo booth to take place. 

If you’re going for a stationary photo booth, you’ll want to make sure it stays in a location that won’t get in the way of traffic flow. 

But you also don’t want it to be so hidden away that nobody knows it’s there! 

Our best advice? Find your high-traffic areas. Things like the dance floor, the door leading in and out of your reception area, or close to your bar. This way, your guests will actually see that there is one at your reception! 

Once you’ve found those high-traffic areas, look for places off to the side to actually station your photo booth. You still want it to be out of the way so people aren’t tripping over it. 

You can work with your wedding planner or day-of coordinator to figure out where they think the best place for it will be. 

Depending on the photo booth rental company, your package may come with a friendly attendant. They’ll also help you decide on the best spot for it, plus they’ll take care of the serious set up and take down for you.

Choose Your Own Wedding Photo Booth Props

Part of the fun for wedding photo booths is having goofy props. Whether it’s masquerade masks, big red lips, fake mustaches, or giant paper wedding rings, decide on some fun props to include with your photo booth. 

Your guests will love getting to cut loose and enjoy their time celebrating you and your partner!

If you’re debating getting a photo booth for your wedding reception, we hope this post will help you in your decision making. 

Having one for your reception will give your guests the opportunity to have a bigger part in your wedding day. 

It’s the perfect wedding reception entertainment idea if you’re looking to add more to your celebration. 

Plus, your guests can take home the picture strips as wedding favors – no extra money for wedding favors needed on that front! 

If you’re looking for photo booth rentals in Baltimore, we can help you with that! 

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